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Registration Form


We are pleased that you are interested in applying to Sc. Farzand Husain  Islamic International Academy. In brief, the application to SFHIIA includes an admission test, and a parent interview.

Also, personal behavior and academic excellence are important criteria for acceptance at SFHIIA. We first recommend that you and your family pay a brief visit to SFHIIA. This will help you see the school in action and meet a member of our admission staff who will provide a school tour and arrange a staff and family conference where you will be able to ask questions and have a sense of how SFHIIA will help in your child’s development and growth.

To get started, please download  and complete the form below. Kindly bring the form duly filled to the  We look forward to meeting you!

Click here to download the Registration Form.

Kindly bring the form duly filled to the  We look forward to meeting you!

SFHIIA  Admissions Policy

The intention of the Sc. Farzand Husain Islamic International Academy is to provide the best possible academic education and Islamic education within an Islamic environment. In order to do so, a certain admissions policy is established.

Age: Junior kindergarten children should be 4 years old, senior kindergarten children should be 5 years old, and grade one children should be 6 years old by December 31 of the year of admission.

Academics: General achievement should not be more than three months below grade placement. Exceptions will be made in unusual circumstances if lower achievement can be satisfactorily explained and the program will be helpful.

Behaviour: Students from other schools must have a Transfer Certificate record or recommendation that is average or above average in order to be granted admission. Applicants must agree to honour the school’s behavioural code. This includes behaving in a manner that reflects Islamic principles and that is consistent with a conservative, Islamic way of life. Students are expected to respect their teachers, peers, and the environment.

Attitude: Children at pre-school level, should have a general eagerness toward learning in accordance with their age. Children who have developed contempt for the Islamic way of life will not be enrolled. Children above the grade 4 level should be attending the school by their own choice.

Students in elementary grades and above should also demonstrate a positive attitude toward their education, a willingness to work hard toward achieving the goals of education, and a sincere desire to continue their education at SFHIIA. They must also accept and maintain a positive attitude toward the Islamic nature of the school environment and standards.

Uniform: Applicants must agree to wear the school  uniform in accordance with the uniform guidelines and must accept the school’s right to set limits in other areas of personal appearance.

It should be understood that families who may satisfy the above general standards may still not gain admission to the school the first year that they apply, simply due to a lack of available space.

Family Discounts: Tuition fees are set annually and structured to provide for the operating needs of the school. As a family-oriented school, the rates are kept as reasonable as possible to make the program affordable to most families. For that reason, there are generous discounts when more than one child from a family is enrolled.

School Uniform


Uniform for boys is available at the school which includes;

  • shirt
  • pant
  • vest
  • blazer


Uniform for preschool till grade 5 is distributed at school. Grade 5 and above should wear black abaya and scarf. No added accessories.

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