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Aim & Vision

 schoolScientist Farzand Husain Islamic Internation Academy  provides one of the best combinations of Islamic and academic education for Muslim students under Islamic heritage in India. Our strength lies in highly qualified staff, hard-working students and supportive community. While focusing on how the school teaches students the basic principles of Islam to strengthen their faith and identity, we also focus on providing them quality education in all subject areas of the curriculum.

We have gained an excellent reputation for providing one of the finest educational programs in UttaraKhand.  We are hopeful that the learning experiences gained at Sc. Farzand Husain Islamic International Academy will prepare the students for the opportunities of the life of this world and in the next. Our dedicated team of administrators, staff and students work together, thereby making Sc. Farzand Husain Islamic International Academy an institution of excellence and commitment. We are determined to provide religious and academic services to the ever-growing Muslim community in Roorkee, UttaraKhand and all of India. The school not only focus on the basic teaching of Islam to strengthen  the faith of  the students but also provides quality education in all the academic subjects. By being blessed with such opportunities, we hope to be a part of building a sound and stable community by inspiring and motivating the younger generations through Islamic knowledge and academic subjects, preparing them for a bright future in this world and the hereafter.


The aim of Scientist Farzand Husain Islamic International Academy is to build a community of peace and contribute to the quality of education under Islamic values.


To build a community that is equipped with strong cultural values and skills for life and work.


The Prophet said: “Acquire knowledge and impart it to the people.” – (Sunan Tirmidhi, Hadith 107)

Education plays a fundamental role in human, social and economic development. Our purpose  is to offers a combination of high-quality modern education and strong Islamic education. We intend to instil through best teaching practices into our future generation the knowledge of the modern world  and cultural heritage in order to build strong character. SFHIIA strives to provide  both contemporary  and  Islamic education to give best of both worlds to our future generation.


  • To exceed the curriculum set out by the Ministry of Education.
  • To provide the highest quality of secular education in an Islamic environment.
  • To focus on core competencies so that students can excel in basics such as Language, Arts, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education and objective reasoning (i.e. critical and analytical thinking).
  • To implement effective educational methods and technological aids in achieving the above goals.
  • To emphasise Islamic and Quranic studies and provide students with an environment where prayer and reflection are an intrinsic part of each school day.
  • To focus on Huquq Allah, Huquq-al-Ibad and Huquq-an-Nas. That is, provide an environment that allows children to awaken and develop their spirit, mind, body and skills to ultimately earn a good living and foster a healthy concern for society.

Our students are expected to develop their potential as individuals and to become contributing and responsible members of society, who will think clearly, feel deeply, and act wisely

Our teachers are highly qualified in their respective fields and possess a thorough knowledge and understanding of academic and religious protocols.

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