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Our Mission

Our Mission is to spread the knowledge & teachings of the Quran. We believe that every Muslim should have the access & right to learn Quran and recite Quran in the true manner keeping in view the Recitation & Tajweed Rules & beauty of Quran.


At SFHIIA we aim to provide,

  • Complete the memorization of the Quran.
  • Knowledge and implementation of the rules of Tajweed.
  • Tajweed (Pronunciation of Holy Quran with the rules of Tajweed) lessons.
  • Memorization of five time daily Prayers.

At SFHIIA, we teach The Asmaa al Husnaa (99 Glorious Names of Allah) which is compulsory for ALL students to memorise. Memorising of Quraan starts from the last Juz (30th Para – Amma Para). When the student has completed his/her Juz Amma, then memorising of other surahs. Surahs Yaaseen, Mulk, and Sajdah begins. So, all students progress gradually towards the Hifz of Quran. This is done at the individual pace of the students. Once the students know their memorised surahs without any mistakes and with tajweed, only then are they allowed to continue to another surah. For those who find it a bit difficult, they stick to the revision of Surahs al Faatihah & an-Naas up to al Ghaashiyah if they can manage till there. Again a considerable amount of effort is made to get the students to reach the goal of memorising up to al Ghaashiyah. For those who just cannot get there… revision, revision, revision.

SFHIIA offers Hifz ul Quran with tajweed and Quran Nazira. Alhamdullah students of SFHIIA are showing considerable progress in the memorization of Quran.

The Hifz ul Quran Program is taught by Maulana Sarfaraz and Maulana Jamshed. Our aim is to produce huffaz at a young age. Insha Allah!

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