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Scientist Farzand Husain Islamic International Academy was founded in 2010 as a full-time private minority school serving the Muslim community in Roorkee, UttaraKhand. SFHIIA has consistently grown year after year. SFHIIA has gained a reputation of becoming an essential Muslim educational institute in UttaraKhand, India. SFHIIA aims to instil in its students the desire for worldly as well as Islamic knowledge under an ideal Islamic environment.

SFHIIA moulds the students’ personalities according to righteous Islamic tenets and inculcates in them the concept of universal brotherhood and teaches respect for the family, neighbours and the entire community.

  • Maintaining a congenial atmosphere for the students to acquire knowledge to suit the needs of the present day challenges in the field of education and learning.
  • Imparting education to the students in small classroom settings for effective communication between the students and the teachers. In order to maintain high standards and to give each child due to attention ,FHIIA strictly maintains a teacher-student ratio of 1:15 for academic & Islamic studies which are followed universally in schools at Abroad.
  • To impart high-quality academic and Islamic education using latest technology so that Muslim parents give preference to such institutions.
  • Enabling the students to reach their full potential to become responsible and contributing members of our community and the society at large;
    Providing incentive to the students to maintain lifelong interest for learning;
  • Helping students to develop decision-making ability and leadership qualities.
  • Encouraging students to share Islamic values and practices and be respectable members of the society.

SFHIIA is presently offering:

  • Pre-Primary Section – Toddler, Nursery, LKG & UKG
  • Elementary Section – Grade 1 to Grade 6.

All of our students, from Junior Kindergarten to grade 6, are taught the complete syllabus of the IGCSE curriculum. Our students gain knowledge in a variety of subjects such as :

  • Math
  • Science
  • Computers
  • English and the arts Hindi History

Arabic Language is compulsory and will be taught according to the IGCSE curriculum.
At SFHIIA, we give importance to teaching these subjects within an Islamic context, where possible. More importantly, we emphasise imparting religious education to our students in addition to the approved curriculum of the IGCSE. Our students obtain sound religious education mainly through daily Taleem, and through our formal Islamic studies curriculum which includes the study of Arabic, the Quran and various areas of Islam such as:

  • Hifz of surahs is started from Pre-Primary
  • Islamic Tadhib and Akhlaq (Etiquette)
  • Seerah [Biography of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)]
  • Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence)
  • Tafseer of the Quran (Translation and commentary of the Quran)
  • Ahadith [(sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)] and
  • Shariah (Islamic Law)
  • Also, our students collectively offer Zuhr and Jumu’ah prayers in the premises on a regular basis.
  • Hifzul Quran Program: This program is aimed for students to memorise the entire Glorious Quran. Students enrolled in this program also concurrently study English, Math and Science each year. Admission to this program at an early age is encouraged.
    We have two highly qualified Maulanas who hold Hifz and Quran reading classes for the junior students. They guide the students to memorise and/or read the Quran with great interest and enthusiasm and advise them to be pious, practising Muslims.

Co-Curricular Activities

The experience at FHIIA will not only be centred in the classroom or limited to academics and assemblies but will also be provided with :

  • Educational field trips
  • Playway method
  • Practical oriented techniques
  • Using computers as an educational aid (Audio Visual Classes).
  • Eid activities (assemblies, contests and more)
  • School Science Fair
  • Contests (such as Spelling, Islamic Trivia, Colouring, Math)
  • Inter-Islamic School competitions and more.

In addition to the core curriculum mentioned above, we also offer the following specialised programs and activities at our institution for the Children and Adults in Evening Classes irrespective of any caste , creed and religion:

  • Arabic Speaking Reading and Writing Course
  • Urdu Speaking Reading and Writing Course
  • Hifzul Quran Program
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